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High School Climate Action

High School Climate Action provides high school climate enthusiasts with an easy on-ramp to engaging in the fight against climate change. We offer a curated list of 15 Bay Area and 4 Idaho organizations featuring a broad range of engagement opportunities and additional climate resources. You can participate in anything from one-hour volunteer work to organization leadership. We hope you find organizations that align with your interests!

How To Use 

This website features trusted climate action organizations that are seeking Bay Area and Idaho high school students who want to help. We recommend sifting through the organizations and finding missions that match your interests. Click "Read More" to delve deeper, visit their websites, join their mailing lists, sign up, and contact them directly. We suggest reaching out to several organizations of interest. We also recommend you visit the "Resources" page for additional engagement opportunities and educational resources.

Please note that this is an extremely welcoming (but busy) community. When I join organizations or reach out to names listed on these websites, I'm sometimes surprised by the delay in hearing back. I've learned that it never hurts to join organizations and reach out, and I highly recommend following up if you do not hear an immediate response. If you are interested in other organizations not listed on our website, please contact me and I can assist you in your search.

This is an educational website created by a high school student with the primary purpose of assisting other high schoolers in getting involved in the climate movement. Please contact us at if your organization would like to be added or if any of the descriptions have changed.

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