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Idaho Climate Justice League




Climate Education, Youth Leadership, Legislative, Clean Energy, Climate Justice

Mission Statement

The Climate Justice League (CJL) comprises dedicated students striving to enhance environmental conditions nationwide. Our mission involves advocating for more robust environmental regulations, raising awareness of climate justice issues, and educating communities about human impacts on the environment. Through active participation in activist events, lobbying for pro-environmental legislation, and fostering community engagement, we aim to mitigate carbon emissions and combat the effects of climate change.

Engagement Opportunites

Join Idaho Sierra club's justice league which meets every Monday at 5, Email for more information to stay involved!


What They Do

They are a network for youth to take collective climate action in their current goal of transitioning Idaho's power use to clean energy. By utilizing social media their goal is to bring about tangible climate action lead by youth.

Easy to Join

Yes! go to their website and fill out the box on the right to join their mailing list.


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