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Idaho Rivers United




River Restoration, Legislative, Fish Protection and Recovery, Mining Reform

Mission Statement

Idaho is home to 107,651 miles of river, and Idaho Rivers United is the only conservation organization in our state focused exclusively on the health and protections of our incredible river resources.

In addition to stressors such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, poorly managed and inefficient water systems, water quality, and declining aquifers, Idaho’s fast-growing population and increased demand for multi-use landscapes and natural resources is amplifying stressors on our rivers. We’re keeping Idaho's rivers healthy and flourishing for generations to come.

Engagement Opportunites

Join Idaho Rivers united mailing list to stay involved, and fill out this document if you are interested in volunteering


What They Do

Idaho Rivers United is focused on fish restoration and community involvement. With their new river ambassador program they hope to increase awareness and bring people passionate about rivers together!

Easy to Join

IRU is a membership-based organization. You can become a member by making a $35 annual donation.


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