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350 Bay Area


Bay Area


Climate Education, Sustainable Practices, Policy

Mission Statement

San Francisco Bay Area residents working to eliminate carbon pollution and achieve a clean energy future with racial, economic, and environmental justice.

Engagement Opportunities

Join their youth team and get involved in change around the bay area in their categories. Their youth team meets every Tuesday at 5 pm. Here are all of the categories to join:
- Mobilizing Team Member All Ages -- can come to this call once a month (1 hr/mo)
- Mobilizing Team Youth Leader -- must be a "youth" and want to join the weekly organizing calls (1-3hr/week)
- Arts Team -- artistic and want to join the weekly Arts call (1-3hr/week)
- Party for the Planet Team -- help with climate events (1-3hr/week)
- Political Organizer -- speak with a Bay Area Action Team member about Legislative and Electoral climate organizing (3hr/week)
- Local Group Organizer -- speak with a member of local groups and help organize in your city (2hr-10hr/mo)


What They Do

They are a network for youth and adults to take collective climate action where there is a tangible result. They bring social change into the world and help create a sustainable planet.

How to Join

Yes, join here: Feel free to contact them as well if you are interested in the org.


Executive Director:
IG: @350bayarea

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