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Bay Area


Climate Education, Sustainable Practices, Policy

Mission Statement

Their mission is to bring people together to create local solutions for a healthy planet.

Engagement Opportunities

Their current programs for youth are:
Healthy Planet Ambassador Program (2-5 hours per month)
Become an EV Ambassador (2-10 hours per month)
Acterra’s Student Ambassador Program (ASAP) (1-5 hours per month): ASAP managers provide youth with all of the information necessary to advocate for climate policy, an amazing program.


What They Do

They focus on electrification, energy efficiency and renewable energy; transportation innovation; food sustainability; resilience and adaptation in the context of empowering underserved communities; and sustainable business practices in the Bay Area.

How to Join

EV Ambassador & Healthy Planet Ambassador:,
ASAP Program (policy advocacy):
Feel free to contact Lily and Zach if you are interested in the org.


Youth Climate Education Associate, Lily de la Espriella:
Development and Operations Manager, Zack Wurtz:
ASAP Contacts:
IG: @planetacterra

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