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Bay Area Youth Climate Summit


San Francisco


Youth Led, Sustainable Practices, Climate Education, Environmental Justice

Mission Statement

The Bay Area Youth Climate Summit brings together high school students from all over the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond to connect over climate justice and activism. They offer support, guidance, and resources for youth to build a climate action plan with a group of like-minded students that they can implement in their school or community.

Engagement Opportunities

They are a group of like minded high schoolers who meet, discuss, and implement local climate solutions. They open applications twice a year, but on their website you can find a current list of workshops or events they are hosting or cohosting. You can also join their newsletter for the most recent projects or volunteer opportunities.


What They Do

In addition to the mission, they have a yearly summit which focuses on creating solution-oriented climate action plans; they also host workshops and events on local climate solutions and environmental justice issues.

How to Join

Yes, and if you want to continue with the organization and do more than attend their workshops and/or events, I would recommend contacting them. Here is the link for their events:


IG: @bayareaycs

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