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Bay Area Youth Lobbying Initiative


Bay Area


Youth Led, Policy

Mission Statement

They are a student-based organization which centers around empowering individuals to affect long-term climate policy. They are dedicated to galvanizing students into getting involved in democracy: bridging the divide between activists and elected officials, and creating long-term change in the climate and environmental policies that will affect our generation.

Engagement Opportunities

BAYLI has 4 Teams: Policy, Social Media, Recruitment/outreach, and Leadership. Each of these are led by youth and have numerous opportunities to get involved and learn about each topic. Time expected to contribute is at least 15 minutes per week. You can apply to become a staffer or member and drive meaningful change.


What They Do

BAYLI is a group of high school students who connect over climate justice and activism. They come together through meetings to create plans which can be implemented at schools and in communities. They are in contact with the city and make sure their voices are heard.

How to Join

Yes, they are looking for high schoolers especially. Here is the link to join their leadership team:


IG: bayli_org

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