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Climate Changemakers





Mission Statement

They're an inclusive, welcoming community of volunteers getting political—not partisan—together. This group provides action opportunities in 1 hour time slots, there is no requirement for how often you have to participate, it is recurring and open.

Engagement Opportunities

They provide the opportunity to engage 1 hour per week in various forms, including Zoom calls dedicated to this hour of action. They are a great org if you are looking to help with legislative change and it's relatively low commitment.


What They Do

- Take political action in the name of climate action
- Non-partisan and follow the science to the no-brainer choices
- Champion a just, healthy democracy
- Work strategically powered by volunteers and the community
- Keep it simple and count every action
- Meet everyone where they are
- Build relationships with like minded climate activists

How to Join

Yes, here is their link to get involved:


IG: @theclimatevote

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