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GreenTown Los Altos


Los Altos


Sustainable Practices, Clean Transportation, Climate Education, Reforestation

Mission Statement

To protect and enhance the environment of Los Altos & Los Altos Hills through community engagement, education, and advocacy while contributing to and leveraging regional and global environmental efforts.

Engagement Opportunities

They have a summer internship program and an extensive volunteer program. They have a variety of opportunities, whether you are looking for a one off opportunity or to dedicate hours every month, they have it. They are open to all engagement with their organization.


What They Do

They help bring positive, climate friendly change to the categories of: Zero Waste, Eating Green, Clean Air, Conservation of Land, and Clean Transportation in Los Altos.

How to Join

You need to email them to volunteer and/or subscribe to their newsletter, and you can find that on their homepage.

Engagement during the school year use the emails: and

For engagement during the summer use: and


General/Action: and
IG: @greentownlosaltos

Summer: and

General Phone #: 650-468-0903
Instagram: @greentownlosaltos

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