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Matter of Trust


Bay Area + Global


Sustainable practices, Climate education, Ecosystem Restoration, Ecosystem Education

Mission Statement

To link surplus with needs and encourage optimism and trust in nature’s abundant cycles.

Engagement Opportunities

- Intern or volunteer with the MofT Eco-Academy. The Eco-Academy seeks to empower children and communities globally to become responsible environmental stewards. You can participate in youth programs and research opportunities centered around novel climate solutions and sustainable practices. Varies in levels of commitment and highly personalized towards student interest. Project examples include moderating and iterating The Hum Sum environmental social media platform, compost or food research, felting hair mats, and tending to the Eco-Home garden.
- Matter of Trust also provides a comprehensive resource library of research articles and archived programs. They have gathered resources for this library since 2008 and seek to inspire hope in people of all ages, particularly youth, about the future of our environment.
- Matter of trust has also created The Hum Sum, a free Environmental Social Platform for environmental advocacy and community events. You can check it out and join here:


What They Do

Matter of trust is a global non-profit organization centered around sustainable solutions and climate education. Between their international social media platform for climate activists (The Hum Sum) and youth focused Eco-Academy, Matter of Trust engages local and international climate activists through a plethora of meaningful opportunities.

How to Join


Eco-Academy Director:
Instagram: @matteroftrust

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