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SMC Youth Climate Ambassadors Program


San Mateo


Climate Education, Sustainable Practices

Mission Statement

The Youth Climate Ambassadors (YCA) Leadership Program provides 9-12th grade students in San Mateo County with the opportunity to dive into social and environmental issues contributing to the global climate crisis.

Engagement Opportunities

This is a year long program for 9-12th graders who attend monthly online workshops that cover a variety of topics to strengthen knowledge in climate change, build individual skills, and support regional capacity among youth to lead action on climate change.


What They Do

They provide high school students with leadership and education opportunities around the environment and sustainability. The students dive into a topic of interest and collaborate with other students and San Mateo officials to help change to a more sustainable world. This program helps us youth have a focused impact in the climate crisis.

How to Join

Yes, very easy to get involved through the website. Their applications are at the beginning of the school year and summer so the opportunity is not year-round. Their application is now closed for the 2023-2024 school year, but come back here during summer.


Youth Engagement Contact:
IG: @sustainsmc

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