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Students for Carbon Dividends




Policy, Decarbonization

Mission Statement

Their mission as a bipartisan coalition is to unite students from across the United States around the breakthrough Carbon Dividends solution.

Engagement Opportunities

I recommend filling out their form and/or contacting them to get involved.

They have a high school youth committee that is easily joined through this form:

But If you are looking for summer engagement opportunities visit:


General for school year engagement:
Action for school year engagement:

General for summer engagement:
Action for summer engagement:

What They Do

They are proposing a new solution for climate change which involves carbon dividends. With carbon dividends, the government gives money to individuals who have climate friendly lifestyles, incentivizing a green world.

How to Join

Yes, I recommend joining High Schoolers for Carbon Dividends with the link provided for a start, but if you are willing to commit a lot of time, join Students for Carbon Dividends. These are two different websites, but are similar orgs, they are both run by Americans for Carbon Dividends.


IG: @s4cd_official

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