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Bay Area + National


Youth Led, Policy, Marches

Mission Statement

Their mission is to mobilize youth in Silicon Valley as part of a growing national movement to demand sweeping, decisive climate action from local, state, national, and ultimately, world leaders to ensure a livable future through legislative change at all levels.

Engagement Opportunities

Most volunteers join a hub (or start one) and get involved there. From the hub, if you don't want to get heavily involved, you can do phone-banking or other one-time actions. But if you are passionate and have time, there is a lot of opportunity to create impactful change. Lots of their hubs are affiliated with a specific schools in the Bay, but if there is not a hub nearby you can start one yourself!


What They Do

They are a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good-paying jobs in the process. The Sunrise movement backs the Green New Deal—one of the best solutions we have to solve the climate crisis—through spreading awareness, marches, rallies, and other methods. They are youth led, all over the country, and are an extremely welcoming community.

How to Join

Yes, here is the link to get involved with a hub and sign up for their introductory meeting:


IG: @bayareasunrise

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