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Sustainable San Mateo County


San Mateo


Policy, Sustainable Practices

Mission Statement

Their mission is to drive impactful action on economic, environmental and social equity issues that leads to sustainable practices and improves the long-term health of San Mateo County.

Engagement Opportunities

They have 5 awesome committees that meet for 1 hour a month: Indicators Committee, Awards Committee, Dashboard Committee, Communications Committee, and Fundraising Committee. The descriptions of each committee is here:

They also have a summer internship program that works on their Sustainability Ideas bank.


What They Do

They try to bring a sustainable future for everyone in San Mateo County. They do this through their programs:
- Awards Program: celebrates local sustainability champions and Green Building Award recipients. Been held annually since 1999.
- Sustainability Dashboard: Tracks sustainability progress in all 20 cities in San Mateo County via key performance indicators. Started in 2021
- Indicators Report: takes a deep dive into one critical sustainability issue and examines its history, impact and future implications for San Mateo County. This report has been produced annually since 1997.
- Sustainability Ideas Bank: compiles successful policies and programs implemented by local governments and businesses to accelerate sustainability. Begun in 2019.

How to Join

Yes, if you are looking to get involved with one of the committees, email them at or call them at (650) 918-1992.

Summer internship program is through this link:


General Phone #: (650) 918-1992
IG: @sustainsmc

Program Manager, Simona Vallone:

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