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Youth United for Community Action


East Palo Alto


Youth Led, Environmental Justice, Climate Education, Marches

Mission Statement

Youth United for Community Action (YUCA) is a grassroots community organization created, led, and run by young people of color, the majority from low-income communities, providing a safe space for young people to empower themselves and work on environmental and social justice issues to establish positive systemic change through grassroots community organizing.

Engagement Opportunities

They need help on canvassing support, website design, event attendance, and rally attendance. This is mainly based out of East Palo Alto, and is looking for people of color, ages 12-18.


What They Do

YUCA was founded on the belief that the most effective youth program should include the intense involvement of young people at all levels of the organization. As a result, YUCA is led and run at all levels entirely by young people of color. They work to promote environmental health, justice, and anti-displacement principles in land use planning policies; they do this with marches, rallies, and other actions.

How to Join

Yes, if you want to get involved fill out the form here: and/or email


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