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Youth vs. Apocalypse


Bay Area


Policy, Climate Education, Youth Led, Environmental Justice, Marches

Mission Statement

Youth Vs. Apocalypse is a diverse group of young climate justice activists working together to lift the voices of youth and fight for a livable climate and an equitable, sustainable, and just world.

Engagement Opportunities

They have a network of YVA clubs at high schools that you can get involved in. If they don't have a club at your school, you can start one. YVA also does presentations at schools, so if you think your school (or section of the student body) could benefit from a YVA presentation then you should totally bring YVA.

And/or you can get directly involved in their organization and join one of their campaigns:
- No One Is Disposable Action/action planning: Mondays at 6pm
- Divest CalSTRS: Tuesdays at 6
- Hip Hop Team: Thursdays at 5
- Tik Tok/ Social Media Team - Sunday at 7
- No Coal In Oakland Tuesdays at 7
- CA Youth Vs Big Oil Thursdays at 6
- Reclaim Our Power -- PG&E campaign -- as needed


What They Do

YVA focuses on building a movement that incorporates everyone, from all backgrounds, not just those who already consider themselves climate activists. YVA is comprised of youth from across the Bay Area which dedicate their time to rallying the community, educating people about the climate crisis and YVA's mission through schools and public events, taking leadership on local and statewide climate campaigns, lobbying for progressive climate policy, and maintaining their large presence in national media.

How to Join

You can do just one, two, or three of these actions:
- Start a YVA club at your school by emailing:

- Join some of Youth vs Apocalypse's different campaigns here:

- Help bring YVA to your school for presentations here (if you want to start a YVA club at your school you should have them present):


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